Personal Concierge & Virtual PA Services

Once you have moved in, you have access to our personal concierge & virtual PA services. As your personal concierge & virtual PA support services (commonly referred to as lifestyle management) we can organize what you don’t have time to do. Often if clients are new to Ghana, they don’t have the contacts and network base.

We are not re-inventing the wheel, as we have professionally organized many tasks thousands of times before, so we know who the best suppliers are for the right job. Whether it’s finding a reliable cleaner or organizing to have your pictures hung, we have got the right contacts and can organize things quickly and efficiently. We will have you organized in no time. Here’s a sample of the personal concierge tasks we organize regularly for our clients:

  1. Catering
  2. Weekly grocery shopping (we can even pack it away)
  3. Arrange home delivered meals

General Errands / Virtual PA Service

  1. Cleaning service
  2. Dry cleaning drop off and pick up
  3. Ironing, garment/shoe repairs etc.
  4. Mail collection/redirection
  5. Gift sourcing
  6. Book appointments
  7. Pay bills
  8. Book restaurant reservations, theatre tickets etc.


  1. Airport transfers in Ghana
  2. Organize weekend escapes, holidays
  3. Chauffeur or hire cars
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Fun travel itineraries


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